Types of Poker Tournaments

Players who enjoy playing in online poker tournaments will be impressed at the many types of tournament events that are available. In top online casinos, many tournaments are hosted and players will find a wide range of events that can offer some impressive payouts. While many of the top payouts will come from tournaments that have a buy in amount, there are a number of tourneys that are free to players. As long as they are registered at the online casino, they will have access to any of the tournaments that are hosted.

One of the most common types of poker tournaments is the Sit and Go event. This type of tournament does not have any specific start time. The tournament will begin when there are enough players sitting at the tables. These events can supports a large number of players with some tournaments having almost 1000 players enrolled.

The Fifty 50 tournament is another popular choice for players. This event will end when half of the players have been eliminated. For example, if 10 players are in the tournaments, it will end when only five are left and the prize pool will be divided among those five players. Each player will start with the same number of chips and will hope to be the last remaining to collect winnings.

Many of the larger online casinos and poker rooms have multi-table tournaments. These are when players will move from table to table. With each shift, the antes will increase and the prize pools will become larger.

With so many types of poker tournaments hosted, players from around the world will have no problem finding a great event to enjoy. With thousands of dollars available, poker tournaments can prove to be very lucrative.